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Annotated Research Papers
Finding papers hard to read? Read the annotated version with me
paper code research
Meta Pseudo Labels
We all know about meta-learning and pseudo labeling but what if we combine the two techniques for semi-supervised learning? Can it be any beneficial?
semi-supervised-learning meta-learning machine-learning deep-learning
Overriding train/test steps for custom training in TF2.2
Custom training loops in tf.keras can't make use of things like callbacks,etc. by default and you have to write one for yourself. How to overcome it?
tensorflow custom-training-loops unet bone-drr
Building a Captcha OCR in TF2.0
A Kaggle notebook showcasing the use of an Endpoint layer for CTC loss function used for building a Captcha Reader in TensorFlow.
optical-character-recognition captcha tensorflow keras
What does a CNN see?
First super clean notebook showcasing @TensorFlow 2.0. An example of end-to-end DL with interpretability.
tensorflow interpretability computer-vision code

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