Currently diving deep into practical and theoretical aspects of deep learning.

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Look inside the workings of "Label Smoothing"
This blog post describes how and why does "trick" of label smoothing improves the model accuracy and when should we use it
deep-learning classification image-classification computer-vision
An Introduction to Bayes' Theorem
This blog post introduces the reader to one of the most important concept in probability theory - Bayes' Theorem
probabaility-and-statistics bayesian-deep-learning tutorial article
Revelations of Gradients and Hessians.
This blog post explores some of the insights gained from looking at gradients and Hessian matrices of the objective functions/loss functions.
deep-learning article
Image Captioning
This project is an attempt to build image captioning models using CNN and Transformers. Libraries used - fastai2, Huggingface Tokenizers and WandB.
image-captioning representation-learning computer-vision arxiv:2006.06666

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