Aleksey Bilogur

Building tools for doing data science @spellrun. {📊, 💻, 🛠️}. Previously: @quiltdata, @recursecenter, @Kaggle, @MODA-NYC.

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Getting started with large-scale ETL jobs using Dask and AWS EMR
EMR is AWS’s distributed data platform, which we can interact with and submit jobs to from a JupyterLab notebook running on our local machine.
exploratory-data-analysis dask aws notebook
Battle-Tested Techniques for Scoping Machine Learning Projects
One of the challenges of managing an ML project is project scoping. Even small changes in data or architecture can create huge differences in model ...
project-management production systems-design code
Distributed model training in PyTorch
Distributing training jobs allows you to push past the single-GPU bottleneck, developing larger and more powerful models leveraging many GPUs ...
distributed-training pytorch deep-learning article

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