Brain Tumor Segmentation BRaTS 18
Segmentation of gliomas in pre-operative MRI scans. Use the provided clinically-acquired training data to produce segmentation labels.
image-segmentation u-net medical-imaging tumor-segmentation computer-vision
Objectives & Highlights

• As, data was already skull-stripped, then mri each patients mri scans volume was collected and combined to form an numpy array of size (N,S,N1,N1,X). Here N = Number of HGG/LGG data S = Number of total 2D slices correspond to each mri 3D volume imaginary. N1 = Dimension of each 2D slice X = Number of modalities. • Here we have proposed U-Net for our semnatic segmentation problem

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B.Tech EE, IIT Bhubaneswar.
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