Ayan Das

Ph.D Student @ University of Surrey. Deep Learning Enthusiast. Student Ambassador @ Intel AI Academy

Top projects

Neural ODE Explained
Explains "Neural Ordinary Differential Equations", a very interesting idea came out in NIPS 2018.
recurrent-neural-networks differential-equation neural-ode ordinary-differential-equations
Rlx: A modular Deep RL library for research
"rlx" is a Deep RL library written on top of PyTorch & built for educational and research purpose.
reinforcement-learning deep-learning article code
Introduction to Probabilistic Programming
A brief intoduction to Probabilistic Programming, a tool for modelling tasks with uncertainty.
deep-learning machine-learning probability uncertainty
Energy Based Models (EBMs): A comprehensive introduction
In this article, I describe the general concept of Energy Based Models (EBMs), and a specific family of EBM called Boltzmann Machine.
energy-based-models energy graphical-models tutorial

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