Hamel Husain

Staff Machine Learning Engineer Currently @github Previously @airbnb, @datarobot

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GitHub Actions & Machine Learning Workflows with Hamel Husain
In this talk, Hamel will provide a brief tutorial on GitHub Actions, and will show you how you can use this new tool to automate your ML workflows.
github-actions machine-learning workflows video
Docker in Action
Detailed notes from the book Docker In Action.
docker article tutorial
Using GitHub Actions for MLOps & Data Science
A collection of resources on how to facilitate Machine Learning Ops with GitHub.
github ml-ops production github-actions
Keeping Data Pipelines healthy w/ Great Expectations GH Actions
We show you how you can use GitHub Actions together with the open source project Great Expectations to automatically test, document, and profile data ...
testing unit-tests data-quality github-actions
Data Science Meets Devops: MLOps with Jupyter, Git, & Kubernetes
An end-to-end example of deploying a machine learning product using Jupyter, Papermill, Tekton, GitOps and Kubeflow.
production end-to-end mlops gitops

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