Daniel Bourke

Machine Learning Engineer live on YouTube. Self-taught via https://dbourke.link/aimastersdegree

Top projects

2020 Machine Learning Roadmap
A beginner mind map (and presentation) connecting many of the most foundational concepts in machine learning.
machine-learning data-science introduction beginner
Replicating Airbnb's Amenity Detection (documentary series)
Airbnb's engineering team shared an article on how they used computer vision to detection amenities in photos. It read like a recipe so I replicated it.
computer-vision project-management detectron2 business
Machine Learning Monthly June 2020
A monthly compilation of some of the most exciting things in machine learning curated by Daniel Bourke. Now with a video version!
newsletter video article podcast
Machine Learning Monthly September 2020
The September 2020 curation of the latest, best and evergreen machine learning materials curated by Machine Learning Engineer Daniel Bourke.
machine-learning newsletter article video
Machine Learning Monthly July 2020
A collection of the coolest machine learning resources for July 2020, including: GPT-3, self-supervised learning, AutoML-Zero and more!
tutorials newsletter article

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