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IceVision: Agnostic Object Detection Framework
- End-to-End Object Detection Framework - Supports Fastai and Lightning with more to come - Unified Data API (Annotation Parsers) - Datasets Hub - ...
object-detection computer-vision fastai pytorch-lightning
PyTorch CNN Trainer
A simple package to fine-tune CNNs from torchvision and Pytorch Image models by Ross Wightman.
torchvision convolutional-neural-networks pytorch training
Image Similarity Search in PyTorch
Simple Convolutional Auto-encoder based image similarity search to find similar images to given image or features. Fully written in PyTorch.
image-similarity-search pytorch autoencoders computer-vision
Training CNN with Mixed Precision in PyTorch 1.6
Simple Example on MNIST dataset illustrating Mixed Precision Training.
deep-learning pytorch code convolutional-neural-networks

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