Pablo Caceres

Psychology PhD student at UW-Madison

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Intro to Linear Algebra for Applied Machine Learning with Python
Intro to fundamental topics on linear algebra for machine learning with Numpy and Python. Suited for beginner/intermediate Lvl practitioners. Work in ...
linear-algebra math tutorial article
NumPy Fundamentals for Data Science and Machine Learning
In-depth interactive tutorial of NumPy fundamentals for data science & machine learning. From the ndarray object to applied linear algebra. Project is 70% ...
numpy python article code
Introduction to Neural Network Models of Cognition - Online Book
On-line interactive book introducing the history, theory, and math of Neural Network Models with Python, from a Cog Science perspective.
neural-networks convolutional-neural-networks recurrent-neural-networks deep-learning
Intro to Jupyter Notebooks & JupyterLab with Python
Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks & JupyterLab: set-up, user-guide, and best practices with Python. This is a beginner level intro.
python jupyter-notebook ide tutorial
Introduction to Linear Regression - Mathematics and Application
Introduction to linear regression covering the math, basic theory, and implementation with Python and sklearn.
machine-learning linear-regression regression article

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