Shubhadeep Roychowdhury

Living and working in Paris.Deeply interested in Science. CTO @CodistAI

Top projects

Tree-hugger is a Python library to automate code mining. It is meant to be language-agnostic, extendable and high-level.
code-mining ml-on-code machine-learning-on-code article
CodeBERT - Masked Language Model for source code
Tutorial to use codeBERT a MLM for Python code. Model trained from scratch using roBERTa
machine-learning machine-learning-on-code ml-on-code bert
Translate RegEx in natural language using Deep Learning
A complete tutorial and code on how to build a model able to translate RegEx into natural language.
machine-learning-on-code ml-on-code deep-learning regular-expression
CodeXGLUE - Tutorial : using Microsoft models on your own code
CodeXGLUE is an open challenge for code intelligence by Microsoft. 🏆 This tutorial shows you how to test the baseline models on your own code.
code-summarization machine-learning code notebook
CodeBERT - Automated code docstring review with transformers
CodeBERT provide a one command line to check if your code docstrings are up-to-date.
documentation ml-on-code machine-learning machine-learning-on-code

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