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Ensemble methods | Bagging Vs Boosting
Learn the key differences between the ensemble methods, bagging and boosting. Will learn the difference with real-world examples.
machine-learning classification gradient-boosting artificial-general-intelligence
Popular Activation Functions For Neural Networks
The key difference between different deep learning architectures is the way we use the activation functions, learn the activation functions along with ...
deep-learning deep-q-networks neural-networks recurrent-neural-networks
Popular Similarity Measure Implementation In Python
Similarity measures have a wide variety of applications in the data science world. Learn the popular similarity measure along with python implementation.
recommendation-systems text-similarity similarity-search natural-language-processing
Credit Card Fraud Prediction
In the banking domain, predicting credit card fraudulent activities is the key pressing issue, this article will explain how to identify fraud activities.
classification machine-learning visualization data-science
Confusion Matrix Won't Be Confusing Any More
Learn the confusion matrix representation with real-life examples, Which helps in never forgetting the confusion matrix representation ever.
classification machine-learning deep-learning exploratory-data-analysis

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