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Differentiable Reasoning over Text
We consider the task of answering complex multi-hop questions using a corpus as a virtual knowledge base (KB).
question-answering multi-hop reasoning entity-linking
Building Level 3 Conversational AI Assistants
Presentations, panels, and fireside chats addressing all topics related to the creation of Level 3 AI assistants.
conversational-ai chatbot level-3 video
Simple Transformers
Transformers for Classification, NER, QA, Language Modeling, Language Generation, T5, Multi-Modal, and Conversational AI.
transformers named-entity-recognition question-answering language-modeling
BERT NLP — How To Build a Question Answering Bot
Understanding the intuition with hands-on PyTorch code for BERT fine-tuned on SQuAD.
question-answering transformers bert squad
The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Guide to Training LSTMs
Tricks of the trade for training Long Short-Term Memory networks.
recurrent-neural-networks lstm tips article
Using Custom spaCy Components in Rasa
Get a custom spaCy model working inside of Rasa on your local machine.
spacy rasa tutorial article
Behavioral Testing of NLP models with CheckList
An overview of the “CheckList” framework for fine-grained evaluation of NLP models
nlp natural-language-processing article tutorial
A Visual Guide to Using BERT for the First Time
Tutorial for how to use a variant of BERT to classify sentences.
bert attention transformers sentiment-analysis
GPT-3 Language Model: A Technical Overview
Technical details of the GPT-3 model, training, inference and what to expect next.
gpt-3 language-modeling natural-language-processing tutorial
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