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My collection of interesting machine learning podcasts and video series I follow.
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Two Minute Papers
Awesome research for everyone - two new science videos every week.
podcast papers video tutorial
Papers Explained - Yannic Kilcher
Detailed paper explanations usually released the day after a popular paper is released.
videos papers-explained youtube tutorial
Chai Time Data Science
Interviews with popular data science individuals.
podcast machine-learning data-science kaggle
The Thesis Review Podcast
Each episode of The Thesis Review is a conversation centered around a researcher's PhD thesis.
machine-learning podcast
Artificial Intelligence Podcast
Podcast hosts accessible, big-picture conversations at MIT and beyond about the nature of intelligence.
podcast artificial-intelligence lex-fridman video
Underrated ML
A podcast that pitches underrated ideas in Machine Learning.
podcast machine-learning underrated-topics tutorial
TWIML AI Podcast
Keep up with the most interesting & important stories from the world of machine learning, deep learning & artificial intelligence.
podcast machine-learning twiml-ai
Machine Learning Street Talk
Machine Learning Street Talk with Tim Scarfe, Yannic Kilcher, and Connor Shorten! New Episodes every Week, Please Subscribe!
machine-learning podcast youtube talk
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Computer vision focused on action modality - Tsinghua University
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