Intro Notebooks and Stories about the RAPIDS open source GPU data science suite.
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Getting Oriented in the RAPIDS Distributed ML Ecosystem, ETL
This blog post, the first of two exploring this emerging ecosystem, is an introduction to distributed ETL using the dask, cudf, and dask_cudf APIs.
exploratory-data-analysis gpu rapids article
Distributed SQL with Dask
Scale your Python data science across multiple GPUs with BlazingSQL (w/ code + data)
blazingsql dask gpu sql
Beginner’s Guide to BlazingSQL
Everything you need to know when starting out
blazingsql rapids gpu sql
From Hours to Seconds: 100x Faster Boosting, Bagging, & Stacking
100x Faster Boosting, Bagging, and Stacking with RAPIDS cuML and Scikit-learn Machine Learning Model Ensembling.
rapids cuml scikit-learn emsembling
Target Encoding with RAPIDS cuML: Do More with Categorical Data
Walk through the design of target encoding with RAPIDS cuML.
rapids cuml categorical-data encoder
Beginner’s Guide to KNN with cuML
What is K-Nearest Neighbors? And how to implement it in Python with RAPIDS cuML.
data-science k-nearest-neighbors rapids gpu
Beginner’s Guide to Logistic Regression with cuML
What is Logistic Regression? And how to implement it in Python with RAPIDS cuML
data-science machine-learning logistic-regression rapids
Beginner’s Guide to Linear Regression with cuML
Break down of simple & multiple linear regression and how to easily implement both in Python with RAPIDS AI’s cuML
linear-regression data-science python rapids
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