Collection of Data Science tutorials and materials.
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Configuring Google Colab Like A Pro
How to Do Research Quality Machine Learning on a Budget.
colab jupyter notebook gpu
Visual Machine Learning
👀This application has been created to help people to visually understand how machine learning works.
full-stack tensorflow-js linear-regression vue-js
Programming Probabilistically
A book on data science and machine learning with a foundation in applied statistics leading into deep learning.
machine-learning neural-networks linear-regression linear-discriminant-analysis
Machine Learning Tutorials
Creating organized tutorials for some of the machine learning concepts.
neural-networks convolutional-neural-networks logistic-regression linear-regression
Linear Regression - Machine Learning Glossary
Brief visual explanations of linear regression with diagrams, code examples and links to resources for learning more.
linear-regression regression tutorial article
Core Machine Learning Implementations
This repo contains mathematical derivations and python implementations in numpy for key machine learning algorithms
linear-regression logistic-regression neural-networks k-nearest-neighbors
Multiple Linear Regression in python
It is used to explain the relationship between independent variables and a single continuous dependent variable.
multinomial-regression regression linear-regression tutorial
Linear Regression from Scratch in Python
We will explore linear regression and we will implement it using Python from scratch.
linear-regression regression tutorial article
Regularization in Machine Learning
This article will focus on a technique that helps in avoiding overfitting and also increasing model interpretability.
regularization linear-regression regression article
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