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Python Tutorial
Python is a programming language. Python can be used on a server to create web applications.
python tutorial
Complete Python Pandas Data Science Tutorial
In this video we walk through many of the fundamental concepts to use the Python Pandas Data Science Library.
pandas python tutorial code
Simple Python API for ML project
A simple script to create machine learning API in python.
api machine-learning python flask
Python Numpy Tutorial (with Jupyter and Colab)
A quick crash course on both the Python programming language and its use for scientific computing.
numpy python tutorial article
Fun Python
Notes from a class held online between April - May 2020 with students age 10-12.
python tutorial article
Python Template for All Projects
A template that gives the batteries required to package code, CI checks, auto build and deploy docs, easy PyPi publishing support and docker files.
python ci-cd docker code
Python Decorators 101
In this course on Python decorators, you’ll learn what they are and how to create and use them.
python decorators course tutorial
Python 3.9: All You need to know
The next version of Python brings a faster release schedule, performance boosts, handy new string functions, dictionary union operators, and more stable ...
python article
Python Practice Book
A comprehensive, online book to learn the basics of Python development with code examples.
python tutorial code
Python is Cool
A gentle guide to the Python features that I didn't know existed or was too afraid to use. This will be updated as I learn more and become less lazy.
python tutorial code
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