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ML in Production - Deployment Series
A multi-part blog series on deploying machine learning models in an automated, reproducible, and auditable manner.
production guide article tutorial
The Illustrated Self-Supervised Learning
A visual introduction to self-supervised learning methods in Computer Vision
self-supervised-learning computer-vision illustrated tutorial
Build your first data warehouse with Airflow on GCP
What are the steps in building a data warehouse? What cloud technology should you use? How to use Airflow to orchestrate your pipeline?
airflow google-cloud-platforms data-warehouse production
A Recipe for Training Neural Networks
The most common neural net mistakes and listing a few common gotchas related to training neural nets.
checklist training debugging article
Tutorials | TensorFlow Core
The TensorFlow tutorials are written as Jupyter notebooks and run directly in Google Colab—a hosted notebook environment that requires no setup.
tensorflow tutorial
Bayesian Active Learning (BaaL)
BaaL is an active learning library by ElementAI. This repository contains techniques and reusable components to make active learning accessible for all.
active-learning bayesian-deep-learning baal elementai
TensorFlow Extended Workshop
Slides for teaching a complete workshop on TensorFlow Extended.
tutorial article code
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