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Transfer Learning with T5: the Text-To-Text Transfer Transformer
In the paper, we demonstrate how to achieve state-of-the-art results on multiple NLP tasks using a text-to-text transformer pre-trained on a large text ...
transformers t5 question-answering reading-comprehension
Differentiable Reasoning over Text
We consider the task of answering complex multi-hop questions using a corpus as a virtual knowledge base (KB).
question-answering multi-hop reasoning entity-linking
BART version of closed-book QA
This is a BART version of sequence-to-sequence model for open-domain QA in a closed-book setup, based on PyTorch and Huggingface's Transformers.
question-answering transformers bart natural-language-processing
Zero-shot Neural Retrieval via Domain-targeted Synthetic Queries
Zero-shot learning for ad-hoc retrieval models that relies on synthetic query generation.
semantic-search question-answering information-retrieval covid-19
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