DS Incubator (Summer 2020)
A collection of projects by the Made With ML Data Science Incubator cohort (Summer 2020) batch.
summer-2020 madewithml incubator
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Automatic Question Generation
Automatic Question Generation to create synthetic QA data for unlabeled corpus to train a QA model and automatic test creation (exam automation) .
question-generation natural-language-processing code notebook
IceVision: Agnostic Object Detection Framework
- End-to-End Object Detection Framework - Supports Fastai and Lightning with more to come - Unified Data API (Annotation Parsers) - Datasets Hub - ...
object-detection computer-vision fastai pytorch-lightning
Generating Avatars from Real Life Pictures
We strive to transfer realistic features from photos to avatar styles, like Bitmojis, or Facebook Avatars, enhancing their customization.
ganns vaes computer-vision avatars
Generating Cartoons from Real Images
We aim to create colored vector graphics from real images.
coco object-detection computer-vision deep-learning
MoMo Movies
This is an end-to-end project which deals with the TheMoviesDataset. It serves to build movie recommendations, movie classifications & exploratory ...
data-science visualization classification recommendation-systems
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