DS Incubator (Summer 2020)
A collection of projects by the Made With ML Data Science Incubator cohort (Summer 2020) batch.
summer-2020 madewithml incubator
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MoMo Movies
This is an end-to-end project which deals with the TheMoviesDataset. It serves to build movie recommendations, movie classifications & exploratory ...
data-science visualization classification recommendation-systems
Know My Movie
Movie recommendation system: recommend a movie based on liked movies.
natural-language-processing recommendation-systems python machine-learning
Image Descriptor
The goal of the project is to generate dense captions for images by learning visual representations from the rich text descriptions.
natural-language-processing transformers bert convolutional-neural-networks
UNAGI: Utterance Name And Generator Interface
Using text/audio data, predict the speaker and emotion for a Friends "utterance". Generate text/audio clips in the style/voice of a Friends character.
audio-classification audio-generation audio-tagging text-classification
Personalized Movie Recommendation system with RL
A chill platform (driven by reinforcement learning based recommendation) to share and explore movies and bond with other movie buffs.
reinforcement-learning dialogue natural-language-understanding natural-language-processing
Text Translation from Vernacular Languages
An application that combines Computer Vision and NLP to recognize vernacular languages and translate them into English.
object-detection computer-vision machine-translation text-classification
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