DS Incubator (Summer 2020)
A collection of projects by the Made With ML Data Science Incubator cohort (Summer 2020) batch.
summer-2020 madewithml incubator
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Automatic Information extraction from any Invoice
Extract tables, key value pairs from any invoice/form(tbd) irrespective of the positional, font, size variance in the documents.
natural-language-processing computer-vision graph-convolutional-networks optical-character-recognition
Music Genre Recognition
Using Deep Learning technology, we will attempt to classify different music genres and their musical instruments
deep-learning reinforcement-learning summer-2020 incubator
Autonomous Driving System
This project contains code for lane detection, Traffic sign detection, localization, mapping, steering angle prediction, and many more part of ...
autonomous-vehicles computer-vision code
Object detection from Vehicles
The objective of this project is to learn how to use ML in order to detect objects from footage coming from a vehicle in motion.
object-classification object-detection object-recognition computer-vision
Speech Sentiment Analyzer
This project aims at building a system that would provide machine with ability to understand emotions and analyze sentiments in the input speech signal.
emotion-recognition machine-learning neural-networks speech
Sentiment analysis
Identify the emotion of the speaker from 'neutral' , 'surprise' , 'fear' , 'sadness' , 'joy' , 'disgust' , 'anger'
deep-learning recurrent-neural-networks lstm research
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