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The Transformer … “Explained”?
An intuitive explanation of the Transformer by motivating it through the lens of CNNs, RNNs, etc.
transformers natural-language-processing tutorial article
Illustrated Guide to Transformers: Step by Step Explanation
In this post, we’ll focus on the one paper that started it all, “Attention is all you need”.
transformers illustrated natural-language-processing tutorial
The Illustrated Transformer
In this post, we will look at The Transformer – a model that uses attention to boost the speed with which these models can be trained.
transformers positional-encoding encoder decoder
The Annotated GPT-2
GPT-2 explained with visualization and PyTorch code.
attention gpt2 transformers huggingface
Illustrated: Self-Attention
Step-by-step guide to self-attention with illustrations and code.
self-attention attention pytorch transformers
The Annotated Transformer
In this post I present an “annotated” version of the paper in the form of a line-by-line implementation.
transformers attention natural-language-processing annotated
Visual Paper Summary: ALBERT(A Lite BERT)
An illustrated summary of ALBERT paper and how it improves BERT and makes it resource efficient
albert bert transformers natural-language-processing
A Visual Guide to Using BERT for the First Time
Tutorial for how to use a variant of BERT to classify sentences.
bert attention transformers sentiment-analysis
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