All the beautiful Pytorch application [Beginner to Advanced]
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Machine Learning Basics
A practical set of notebooks on machine learning basics, implemented in both TF2.0 + Keras and PyTorch.
deep-learning natural-language-processing tensorflow pytorch
Deep Tutorials for PyTorch
This is a series of in-depth tutorials I'm writing for implementing cool deep learning models on your own with the amazing PyTorch library.
image-captioning sequence-labeling object-detection text-classification
Paraphrase Any Question with T5 (Text-To-Text Transformer)
Given a question, generate paraphrased versions of the question with T5 transformer. Pretrained model and training script provided.
t5 transformers huggingface pytorch
How to Train Your Neural Net
Deep learning for various tasks in the domains of Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Time Series Forecasting using PyTorch 1.0+.
pytorch python deep-learning computer-vision
Reproduces the book Dive Into Deep Learning (www.d2l.ai), adapting the code from MXNet into PyTorch.
pytorch book d2l-ai tutorial
Machine learning notebooks in different subjects optimized to run in google collaboratory
machine-learning code
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