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If you're not familiar with the old MWML platform, it used to be the ProductHunt of ML where the community could share and upvote projects. We had indexed nearly 3K tutorials, surveys, blog posts, libraries, etc. to help people build. But, in fact, this was not what was happening.

  • hype: mostly only hype projects were trending (transformer architectures, image generation with GANs, etc.) and very little on applied ML.
  • quality: quality of projects decreased as the platform grew in popularity.
  • misuse: became a social platform where people gamified project upvotes.
  • mistakes: many tutorials and blog posts written by the general public had errors (caution: this is happening in a lot of places).
  • stale: many libraries quickly became stale after the initial hype phase.


We had nearly 5K daily active users and now after nine months, we're redefining our focus to end the hype and deliver (actual) value. Which means no more overwhelming:

pointing to projects
posting daily trends
Topics page


Luckily, we don't depend on ads or traffic so we decided to make the changes necessary to realign with our goal of helping people build. But instead, we will have more original content focused on:

  • applied ML
  • sound software engineering
  • delivering (actual) value with ML

Made With ML very quickly gained a lot of traction and we are guilty of creating overwhelm. We apologize and now we're focused on helping people learn how to responsibly deliver value with applied ML.