Paraphrase Any Question with T5 (Text-To-Text Transformer)
Given a question, generate paraphrased versions of the question with T5 transformer. Pretrained model and training script provided.
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Using this program you can generate paraphrases of any given question.


The input to our program will be any general question that you can think of -

Which course should I take to get started in data Science?


The output will be paraphrased versions of the same question. Paraphrasing a question means, you create a new question that expresses the same meaning using a different choice of words.

Paraphrased Questions generated from the T5 Model :

0: What should I learn to become a data scientist?

1: How do I get started with data science?

2: How would you start a data science career?

3: How can I start learning data science?

4: How do you get started in data science?

5: What's the best course for data science?

6: Which course should I start with for data science?

7: What courses should I follow to get started in data science?

8: What degree should be taken by a data scientist?

9: Which course should I follow to become a Data Scientist?

Pretrained model and training script are provided

Practical use case

Imagine a middle school teacher preparing a quiz for the class. Instead of giving a fixed question to every student he/she can generate multiple variants of a given question and distribute them across students.

The school can also augment their question bank with several variants of a given question using this technique.

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