MSeg: A Composite Dataset for Multi-domain Semantic Segmentation
A composite dataset that unifies semantic segmentation datasets from different domains.
segmentation instance-segmentation panoptic-segmentation multi-domain dataset api labeling mechanical-turk computer-vision code video paper tutorial library research

  • mseg-api: utilities to download the MSeg dataset, prepare the data on disk in a unified taxonomy, on-the-fly mapping to a unified taxonomy during training.
  • mseg-semantic: utilities to train semantic segmentation models, using a HRNet-W48 or PSPNet backbone, sufficient to train a winning entry on the WildDash benchmark).
  • mseg-panoptic: provides Panoptic-FPN and Mask-RCNN training, based on Detectron2
  • mseg-mturk: provides utilities to perform large-scale Mechanical Turk re-labeling

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