IceVision: Agnostic Object Detection Framework
- End-to-End Object Detection Framework - Supports Fastai and Lightning with more to come - Unified Data API (Annotation Parsers) - Datasets Hub - ...
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Why IceVision ?

  • IceVision is an Object-Detection Framework that connects to different libraries/frameworks such as Fastai, Pytorch Lightning, and Pytorch with more to come.
  • Features a Unified Data API with out-of-the-box support for common annotation formats (COCO, VOC, etc.)
  • The IceData repo hosts community maintained parsers and custom datasets
  • Provides flexible model implementations with pluggable backbones
  • Helps researchers reproduce, replicate, and go beyond published models
  • Enables practioners to get moving with object detection technology quickly

Models supported currently

  • EfficientDet - Ross Wightman's Pytorch Implementation
  • Faster RCNN with FPN backbones.
  • Mask RCNN with FPN Backbones.

Toy Datasets provided

  • COCO
  • PennFudan
  • PETS
  • Pascal VOC 2012
  • Object Fridge
  • Birds


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