Some functionalities:

  • Shape inference for most of torch.nn module (convolutional, recurrent, transformer, attention and linear layers)
  • Dimensionality inference (e.g. torchlayers.Conv working as torch.nn.Conv1d/2d/3d based on input shape)
  • Shape inference of custom modules (see examples section)
  • Additional Keras-like layers (e.g. torchlayers.Reshape or torchlayers.StandardNormalNoise)
  • Additional SOTA layers mostly from ImageNet competitions (e.g. PolyNet, Squeeze-And-Excitation, StochasticDepth)
  • Useful defaults ("same" padding and default kernel_size=3 for Conv, dropout rates etc.)
  • Zero overhead and torchscript support

See project's full description, examples etc. under this link:

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