Interpretability and Analysis of Models for NLP
An in-depth look at interpretability and analysis of models for NLP (ACL 2020).
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Evaluating faithful interpretability

Guidelines we should keep in mind when working on faithful interpretations from Jacovi & Goldberg 2020 (talk’s slides, number 16–24) 1. Faithfulness is not Plausibility. A plausible but unfaithful interpretation is akin to lying, and can be dangerous. 2. A model decision process is not a human decision process. Humans cannot judge if an interpretation is faithful. Evaluating interpretation using human input is evaluating plausibility, not faithfulness. 3. Claims are just claims until tested. A model which is believed to be “inherently interpretable” should be rigorously tested in just the same way as post-hoc methods.

Interpretability via different methods

  1. Attention as interpretation
  2. Probing
  3. Rationales for Faithful Interpretations
  4. Explanation via Training Examples

and many other techniques for interpretability in NLP!

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