Python Template for All Projects
A template that gives the batteries required to package code, CI checks, auto build and deploy docs, easy PyPi publishing support and docker files.
python ci-cd docker code mlops devops library

Why this project ?

  • Most people find it hard to package their python code and do not know how to set up the repository for it.
  • If the repository is setup in a wrong way, it would become hard to package and deploy the code later on as well.
  • This serves as a template to quickly have these things setup in your repository.
  • Machine Learning projects created from this template can easily be deployed and shipped. It becomes hassle free and easy to debug too.

Features: -

  1. Black code format check.
  2. CI CD tests for Python Packaging.
  3. PyPI release tests and release.
  4. Automatic Doc building and generation.

Build your code and project with confidence right from the first commit.

Simplifies the tasks of taking code from project to production. Use the template and start building great stuff !!!

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