Image Similarity Search in PyTorch
Simple Convolutional Auto-encoder based image similarity search to find similar images to given image or features. Fully written in PyTorch.
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Image Similarity using PyTorch

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Auto-encoder based Image-Similarity Engine

  • Builds a simple Convolutional Auto-encoder based Image similarity engine.
  • This solves the problem of finding similar images using unsupervised learning. There are no labels for images.

Tasks that it can do.

  • [x] Similar images using Auto-encoders.
  • [x] Similar image search from image features.
  • [x] Clustering similar images.

Repostory Structure.

=== data                        Read data from here. It is in gitignore so it won't appear here.
=== docs                        Documentation using mkdocs.
=== image_similarity
======        Clusters the embeddings learnt using PCA and T-SNE.
======            Contains Dataset class to create PyTorch dataset from folder.
======           Convolutional Auto-enocder Model.
======          Train_step and validation_step for training.
======           Trainng script. Trains Auto-enocder and saves the embeddings.
======           Contains inference code
======                Configurations of models and paths.
====== torch_inference.ipynb    Inference code in .ipynb to play with.
====== torch_train.ipynb        Stand-alone code to train in Jupyter.
=== tests                       Contains tests for CI

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