GenRL is a PyTorch-First Reinforcement Learning library centered around reproducible and generalizable algorithm implementations.
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Reinforcement learning research is moving faster than ever before. In order to keep up with the growing trend and ensure that RL research remains reproducible, GenRL aims to aid faster paper reproduction and benchmarking by providing the following main features:

  • PyTorch-first: Modular, Extensible and Idiomatic Python
  • Tutorials and Documentation: We have over 20 tutorials assuming no knowledge of RL concepts. Basic explanations of algorithms in Bandits, Contextual Bandits, RL, Deep RL, etc.
  • Unified Trainer and Logging class: code reusability and high-level UI
  • Ready-made algorithm implementations: ready-made implementations of popular RL algorithms.
  • Faster Benchmarking: automated hyperparameter tuning, environment implementations etc.

By integrating these features into GenRL, we aim to eventually support any new algorithm implementation in less than 100 lines.

Currently, the library has implementations of popular classical and Deep RL agents that ready to be deployed. Apart from these, various Bandit algorithms are a part of GenRL. It has various abstraction layers that make the addition of new algorithms easy for the user.

The library aims to add other key research areas like Multi-agent RL, Evolutionary RL and hyperparameter optimization and provide extensive support for distributed training of agents.

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