Spinning Up in Deep RL (OpenAI)
An educational resource to help anyone learn deep reinforcement learning.
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Update: Available in both TensorFlow and PyTorch.

This is an educational resource produced by OpenAI that makes it easier to learn about deep reinforcement learning (deep RL).

For the unfamiliar: reinforcement learning (RL) is a machine learning approach for teaching agents how to solve tasks by trial and error. Deep RL refers to the combination of RL with deep learning.

This module contains a variety of helpful resources, including:

  • a short introduction to RL terminology, kinds of algorithms, and basic theory,
  • an essay about how to grow into an RL research role,
  • a curated list of important papers organized by topic,
  • a well-documented code repo of short, standalone implementations of key algorithms,
  • and a few exercises to serve as warm-ups.

Get started at spinningup.openai.com!

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Deep RL researcher at OpenAI and UC Berkeley.
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