TTT: Fine-tuning Transformers with TPUs or GPUs acceleration
TTT is short for a package for fine-tuning 🤗 Transformers with TPUs, written in Tensorflow2.0+.
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  • Switch between TPUs and GPUs easily.
  • Stable training on TPUs.
  • Customize datasets or load from the nlp library.
  • Using pretrained tensorflow weights from the open-source library - 🤗 transformers.
  • Fine-tuning BERT-like transformers (DistilBert, ALBERT, Electra, RoBERTa) using keras High-level API.
  • Fine-tuning T5-like transformers using customize training loop, written in tensorflow.
  • So far, this package mainly supports single-sequence classificaton based tasks. However, it can be easily extended to support other language tasks.

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Ph.D student@UCD, Crisis on Social Media, NLP, Machine Learning, IR
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