ExplainX is an explainable AI framework for data scientists to explain any black-box model behavior to business stakeholders.
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ExplainX.ai is a fast, scalable and end-to-end Explainable AI framework for data scientists & machine learning engineers. With explainX, you can understand overall model behavior, get the reasoning behind model predictions, remove biases and create convincing explanations for your business stakeholders.

Essential for:

  • Model debugging - Why did my model make a mistake? How can I improve the accuracy of the model?
  • Detecting fairness issues - Is my model biased? If yes, where?
  • Human-AI cooperation - How can I understand and trust the model's decisions?
  • Regulatory compliance - Does my model satisfy legal & regulatory requirements?
  • High-risk applications - Healthcare, Financial Services, FinTech, Judicial, Security etc.

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