Image Super-Resolution
In this project we learn how to train a super-resolution model ESPCN on DIV2K dataset to upscale images using AI by 3x
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Deep learning techniques have been fairly successful in solving the problem of image and video super-resolution. In this project we will discuss the theory involved, various techniques used, loss functions, metrics, and relevant datasets. You can run the code for one of the models we'll cover, ESPCN for free on the ML Showcase.

There are many methods used to solve this task. We will cover the following:

  • Pre-Upsampling Super Resolution
  • Post-Upsampling Super Resolution
  • Residual Networks
  • Multi-Stage Residual Networks
  • Recursive Networks
  • Progressive Reconstruction Networks
  • Multi-Branch Networks
  • Attention-Based Networks
  • Generative Models We'll look at several example algorithms for each.

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