Distilling Knowledge in Neural Networks
This project demonstrates the compelling model optimization technique - knowledge distillation with code walkthroughs in TensorFlow.
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“Model ensembles are a pretty much-guaranteed way to gain 2% of accuracy on anything.” - Andrej Karpathy.

I absolutely agree! However, deploying an ensemble of heavyweight models may not always be feasible in many cases. Sometimes, your single model could be so large (GPT-3, for example) that deploying it in resource-constrained environments is often not possible. This is why we have been going over some of model optimization recipes - Quantization and Pruning. This report is the last one in this series. In this report, we will discuss a compelling model optimization technique - knowledge distillation. I have structured the accompanying article into the following sections -

  • What is softmax telling us?
  • Using the softmax information for teaching - Knowledge distillation
  • Loss functions in knowledge distillation
  • A few training recipes
  • Experimental results
  • Conclusion

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