Remo is a web-based application to organize, annotate and visualize Computer Vision datasets.

It has been designed to be your team's private platform to manage images, in an end-to-end fashion.

Use Remo to:

  • access your datasets from one place, avoiding scattered files and keeping data secure locally
  • quickly annotate your images. We designed our annotation tool from the ground-up
  • build better datasets and models, by exploring in depth your Images and Annotations data
  • collaborate with your team, accessing the same data remotely
  • Remo runs on Windows, Linux, Mac or directly in Google Colab Notebooks. It can also be served on a private server for team collaboration, or embedded in Jupyter Notebooks.

This repo is the open source repo for the Remo python library. To access the docs and try the online demo:


Integration from code

  • Easily visualize and browse images, predictions and annotations
  • Flexibility in slicing data, without moving it around: you can create virtual train/test/splits, have data in different folders or even select specific images using tags
  • Allows for a more standardized code interface across tasks


  • Faster annotation thanks to an annotation tool we designed from the ground-up
  • Manage annotation progress: organize images by status (to do, done, on hold) and track % completion
  • One-click edits on multiple objects: rename or delete all the objects of a class, duplicate sets of annotation

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