Tldrstory: AI-powered Understanding of Headlines and Story Text
A framework for AI-powered understanding of headlines and text content related to stories.
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tldrstory is a framework for AI-powered understanding of headlines and text content related to stories. tldrstory applies zero-shot labeling over text, which allows dynamically categorizing content. This framework also builds a txtai index that enables text similarity search. A customizable Streamlit application and FastAPI backend service allows users to review and analyze the data processed.

Election 2020 Disclaimer: This is for demonstration purposes only. There will be errors based on the nuances of the English language and personal perception. Users should judge the accuracy of results for themselves. All titles and links are displayed as is from Reddit. Users agree to use their own discretion and accept responsibility for the links they click.

This application categorizes 2020 US Presidential Election Reddit post titles by topic, objectivity and potential bias towards a candidate. Data is pulled via the Reddit API using a series of queries for popular link posts. In many but not all cases, the titles of these posts are headlines for news articles.

Reddit post titles are labeled using two categories:

  • Objectivity
  • Bias towards a candidate

Generally, as the objectivity score increases, the level of bias should decrease.

Tech stack A zero-shot classifier, backed by a large general language model with no labeled data, is used to categorize topics, objectivity and potential bias. Additionally, a txtai index enables ad hoc similarity searches against the data.

The following libraries are used:

  • txtai
  • Transformers
  • Sentence Transformers
  • Streamlit
  • FastAPI

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