HighRes-net: Multi-Frame Super-Resolution of satellite imagery
Pytorch implementation of HighRes-net, a neural network for multi-frame super-resolution, trained and tested on the European Space Agency’s Kelvin ...
super-resolution multi-frame-super-resolution earth-observation satellite-imagery remote-sensing proba-v highres-net computer-vision research article code paper library arxiv:2002.06460

HighRes-net is first deep learning approach to MFSR that learns its sub-tasks in an end-to-end fashion: (i) co-registration, (ii) fusion, (iii) up-sampling, and (iv) registration-at-the-loss.

By learning deep representations of multiple views, HighRes-net can super-resolve low-resolution signals and enhance Earth Observation data at scale.

HighRes-net recently topped the European Space Agency's MFSR competition on real-world satellite imagery.

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