NLP for Developers: Shrinking Transformers | Rasa
In this video, Rasa Senior Developer Advocate Rachael will talk about different approaches to make transformer models smaller.
model-compression distillation pruning transformers
Neural Topological SLAM for Visual Navigation
Topological representations for space that effectively leverage semantics and afford approximate geometric reasoning.
visual-navigation slam topology cvpr-2020
Translate RegEx in natural language using Deep Learning
A complete tutorial and code on how to build a model able to translate RegEx into natural language.
machine-learning-on-code ml-on-code deep-learning regular-expression
Tree-hugger is a Python library to automate code mining. It is meant to be language-agnostic, extendable and high-level.
code-mining ml-on-code machine-learning-on-code
Telecom delinquency model
Created 6 deliquency models based on logistic regression, SVM, KNN, Naive bayes,Decision tree and Random forest models and reported the results.
machine-learning hyperparameter-optimization model-selection classification
How to write Web apps using simple Python for Data Scientists?
So, are we doomed to learn web frameworks? Or to call our developer friend for silly doubts in the middle of the night? This is where StreamLit comes in ...
web-design data-science flask streamlit
Applications of MCMC for Cryptography and Optimization
This post is about understanding MCMC Methods with the help of some Computer Science problems.
mcmc datascience stochastic-optimization tutorial
Super-BPD for Fast Image Segmentation
We propose direction-based super-BPD, an alternative to superpixel, for fast generic image segmentation, achieving state-of-the-art real-time result.
image-segmentation super-bpd superpixel cvpr-2020
Taxi Demand Prediction NewYorkCity
Predict the number of pickups as accurately as possible for each region in a 10 -min interval.
time-series-forecasting python time-series tutorial
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