The Maker Philosophy with ML APIs
Practising being a maker with Google Cloud Platform’s ML APIs.
apis gcp vision-api tutorial
AI tool for querying natural language on tabular data like csvs and other dataframes.
sql tabular question-answering natural-language-processing
Interactive Analysis of Sentence Embeddings
Learn how to interactively explore sentence embedding and labels in Tensorflow Embedding Projector.
natural-language-processing tensorflow-js contextualized-embeddings embeddings
Help-Me-Read: Text Summarization using Streamlit and HuggingFace
Awesome app created using Streamlit and HuggingFace library for text summarization, translation and Questions Answers generation. Detailed guide on github.
huggingface streamlit natural-language-processing code
How to build a production-ready Deep Learning Training loop
Building a custom training loop in Tensorflow and Python with checkpoints and Tensorboards visualizations
training machine-learning deep-learning computer-software
Annotated Research Papers
Finding papers hard to read? Read the annotated version with me
paper code research
TensorFlow Recommenders
An open-source TensorFlow package that makes building, evaluating, and serving sophisticated recommender models easy.
recommendation-systems tensorflow article code
Deploy Flask app in Heroku
Base project, with mandatory files and folders for deploying Flask apps in Heroku
flask ci-cd machine-learning code
Deploy streamlit app in Heroku
Base project, with mandatory files and folders for deploying streamlit apps in Heroku
streamlit machine-learning ci-cd code
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