Finding Similar Documents with Transformers
How transformers can help us distill text documents into points in N-dimensional vector spaces.
semantic-search document-similarity similarity-search transformers
Object tracking in 75 lines of code
Object tracking is straightforward conceptually. And if you have a good detector, simple methods can be pretty effective.
object-tracking pytorch computer-vision article
A Few Favorite Recipes in Computer Vision & Deep Learning
This blog post enlists a few of my favorite recipes in deep learning in the context of computer vision (as of August 2020).
self-supervised-learning simclr contrastive-learning representation-learning
Self-supervised representation learning on videos
Everything you need to know about video-based approaches on self-supervised learning
self-supervised-learning video article
Which machine learning algorithm to choose?
In this article, we show you structured methodology and guidelines which will help you to select the best algorithm for your use.
machine-learning regression classification article
Nearest Celebrity Face
Implementation of FaceNet: A Unified Embedding for Face Recognition and Clustering to find the celebrity whose face matches the closest to yours. The input ...
deep-learning siamese-networks computer-vision code
Efficient Serverless Deployment of PyTorch Models on Azure
A tutorial for serving models cost-effectively at scale using Azure Functions and ONNX Runtime.
model-serving production pytorch azure
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