Tensorflow, Pytorch, Transformer, Fastai, etc. Tutorials
BERT Classification, Question Answering, Seq2Seq Machine Translation, Contextual Topic Modeling, Large Scale Multilabelclassification, etc
transformers text-classification pytorch tensorflow
ECCV 2020: Some Highlights
A sort of a snapshot of the conference by summarizing some papers (& listing some) that grabbed my attention.
computer-vision eccv-2020 conference article
Simple Transformers: Transformers Made Easy
Simple Transformers removes complexity and lets you get down to what matters – model training and experimenting with the Transformer model architectures.
transformers huggingface simple-transformers text-classification
Fine-tune a non-English GPT-2 Model with Huggingface
In this tutorial, we are going to use the transformers library by Huggingface. We will use the new Trainer class and fine-tune out GPT-2 model.
transformers fine-tuning huggingface gpt
Which GPU(s) to Get for Deep Learning
My Experience and Advice for Using GPUs in Deep Learning.
gpu hardware tutorial article
Omega|ml - building and deploying ML models the easy way
Deploying ML is hard. It should not be. omega|ml makes it a breeze.
mlops production code article
TTT: Fine-tuning Transformers with TPUs or GPUs acceleration
TTT is short for a package for fine-tuning 🤗 Transformers with TPUs, written in Tensorflow2.0+.
natural-language-processing transformers tensorflow-tpus code
Questgen- An NLP library for state-of-the-art Question Generation
Questgen AI is an opensource, easy to use NLP library for Question generation. It can generate MCQs, Boolean (Yes/No), FAQs and also paraphrase any ...
question-generation question-answering t5 huggingface
MLOps Tutorial Series
How to create an automatic model training & testing setup using GitHub Actions and Continuous Machine Learning (CML).
ci-cd ml-ops production github-actions
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