A minimal Automatic Machine Learning (AutoML) solution for tabular datasets based on PyTorch.
automl tabular pytorch tabular-data
NumPy Fundamentals for Data Science and Machine Learning
In-depth interactive tutorial of NumPy fundamentals for data science & machine learning. From the ndarray object to applied linear algebra. Project is 70% ...
numpy python article interactive
Matplotlib Style Configurator
Ever wondered what all those matplotlib rc parameters do? Here's a interactive plot style customizer, made with Streamlit.
matplotlib streamlit code demo
Linear Attention Transformer
A fully featured Transformer that mixes (QKᵀ)V local attention with Q(KᵀV) global attention (scales linearly with respect to sequence length).
transformers linear linear-attention linear-attention-transformer
Full Stack Deep Learning
Full Stack Deep Learning helps you bridge the gap from training machine learning models to deploying AI systems in the real world.
production full-stack deep-learning course
PicTranslate: Seamless live Image Text translator
Given an image with text on it, this app can give you a new image with text modified into a different language.
optical-character-recognition convolutional-neural-networks aws translation
A collection of benchmark datasets for graph classification and regression.
graph-neural-networks graph-classification graph-regression tudatasets
Easy OCR
Ready-to-use OCR with 40+ languages supported including Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai.
optical-character-recognition resnet lstm computer-vision
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