A 2020 guide to Semantic Segmentation
Concept of image segmentation, discuss the relevant use-cases, different neural network architectures involved in achieving the results, metrics and ...
semantic-segmentation image-segmentation computer-vision segmentation
PyTorch Lightning 101 video series
PyTorch Lightning Masterclass from basic PyTorch to advanced Lightnig models
pytorch pytorch-lightning deep-learning machine-learning
Scikit-survival is a Python module for survival analysis built on top of scikit-learn.
survival-analysis machine-learning python scikit-learn
Quick Draw Sketches Classification using PyTorch
Alternative project to overused MNIST dataset with similar objective and data set. The Quick Draw Dataset is a collection of 50 million drawings in 28x28 ...
image-classification convolutional-neural-networks feed-forward-neural-networks deep-learning
Digital Image Processing in Python
Play around with pixel values with Python programming language.
computer-vision image-clustering python machine-learning
Short Text Matching Hyperparameter Tuning
This scenario shows how to tune a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) matching model that can be deployed as a web service to provide predictions for user ...
hyperparameter-optimization scikit-learn azure code
An Overview of Semantic Image Segmentation
Image segmentation is a computer vision task in which we label specific regions of an image according to what's being shown.
semantic-segmentation image-segmentation segmentation computer-vision
Lifelib: Actuarial models in Python
An open-source library of life actuarial models written in Python.
python actuarial actuary code
PyTorch implementation of deep convolutional GANs
This is a concise implementation of deep convolutional generative adversarial neural networks using PyTorch library
unsupervised-learning generative-adversarial-networks pytorch convolutional-neural-networks
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