Next Word Prediction
Using transformers to predict next word and predict <mask> word.
transformers language-modeling natural-language-processing tutorial
Math Symbols Explained with Python
Learn the meaning behind mathematical symbols used in Machine Learning using your knowledge of Python.
python tutorial
Reproduces the book Dive Into Deep Learning (, adapting the code from MXNet into PyTorch.
pytorch book d2l-ai tutorial
Tree-hugger is a Python library to automate code mining. It is meant to be language-agnostic, extendable and high-level.
code-mining ml-on-code machine-learning-on-code
How to write Web apps using simple Python for Data Scientists?
So, are we doomed to learn web frameworks? Or to call our developer friend for silly doubts in the middle of the night? This is where StreamLit comes in ...
web-design data-science flask streamlit
Job Classification
Job Classification done using Techniques of NLP and ML. Dataset used from Kaggle of Indeeed job posting.
natural-language-processing supervised-learning
Neural Network Intelligence (NNI)
NNI is a lightweight but powerful toolkit to help users automate Feature Engineering, Neural Architecture Search, Hyperparameter Tuning and Model ...
automl neural-architecture-search model-compression feature-engineering
Migrating from OS.PATH to PATHLIB Module in Python
Learn how to use the modern pathlib module to perform tasks you have been using os.path for.
python program-development tutorial
Transfer Learning in NLP with Tensorflow Hub and Keras
Learn how to integrate and finetune tensorflow-hub modules in Tensorflow 2.0
tensorflow tf-hub keras natural-language-processing
ML Drawings
Rich repository of ML drawings exported to XML and PNG created using
visualizations machine-learning drawings toolkit
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