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A machine learning testing framework for sklearn and pandas. The goal is to help folks assess whether things have changed over time.
unit-tests scikit-learn pandas machine-learning
Separating Sources of Randomness in NN at Initialization Time
Neurons can have very different distributions when they are computed over weight randomness compared to when they are computed over sample randomness. In a ...
weights-initialization randomness neural-networks kaiming-initialization
Tracking Objects as Points
Simultaneous object detection and tracking using center points.
object-tracking object-detection computer-vision research
Controllable Person Image Synthesis with Attribute-Decomposed GAN
A novel generative model for controllable person image synthesis, which can produce realistic person images with desired human attributes.
generative-adversarial-networks image-synthesis computer-vision pose
First Order Motion Model for Image Animation
Generating a video sequence so that an object in a source image is animated according to the motion of a driving video.
computer-vision motion image-animation animation
Finetune: Scikit-learn Style Model Finetuning for NLP
Finetune is a library that allows users to leverage state-of-the-art pretrained NLP models for a wide variety of downstream tasks.
natural-language-processing finetuning pretraining transformers
Generalized Language Models
Trend in large unsupervised pre-trained language models which have achieved amazing SOTA results on a variety of language tasks.
transformers attention bert elmo
Self-Supervised Representation Learning
What if we can get labels for free for unlabelled data and train unsupervised dataset in a supervised manner?
self-supervised-learning representation-learning generative-modeling object-recognition
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