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object-detection face-detection hand-tracking 3d
Torch Points3D
Pytorch framework for doing deep learning on point clouds.
point-cloud-generation point-cloud pytorch 3d
3D Photography using Context-aware Layered Depth Inpainting
A multi-layer representation for novel view synthesis that contains hallucinated color and depth structures in regions occluded in the original view.
3d image-generation inpainting design
AI for 3D Generative Design
Making the design process faster and more efficient by generating 3D objects from natural language descriptions.
natural-language-processing 3d variational-autoencoders computer-vision
Beyond the Pixel Plane: Sensing and Learning in 3d
Recent deep learning techniques that enable 3D object classification and semantic segmentation.
3d autonomous-vehicles semantic-segmentation object-classification
3D Ken Burns Effect from a Single Image
Implementation of 3D Ken Burns Effect from a Single Image using PyTorch.
ken-burns-effect 3d image-processing computer-vision
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