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Interpretability and Analysis of Models for NLP
An in-depth look at interpretability and analysis of models for NLP (ACL 2020).
interpretability natural-language-processing acl-2020 article
Pretraining for Joint Understanding of Textual and Tabular Data
bert pretraining natural-language-processing tabular-data
Low-Dimensional Hyperbolic Knowledge Graph Embeddings
Low-dimensional knowledge graph embeddings that simultaneously capture hierarchical relations and logical patterns.
knowledge-graphs graph-embedding graph-neural-networks acl-2020
Torch-Struct: Structured Prediction Library
A library of tested, GPU implementations of core structured prediction algorithms for deep learning applications.
conditional-random-fields pytorch hidden-markov-models torch-struct
Photon: A Robust Cross-Domain Text-to-SQL System
A robust, modular, cross-domain NLIDB that can flag natural language input to which a SQL mapping cannot be immediately determined.
sql natural-language-processing photon salesforce
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