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Universal Data Tool
Collaborate & label any type of data, images, text, or documents, in an easy web interface or desktop app.
annotation code library article
🖍️ A graphical image annotation tool and label object bounding boxes in images.
annotation labeling image-classification yolo
Label Studio
Label Studio is a multi-type data labeling and annotation tool with standardized output format.
annotation natural-language-processing computer-vision library
🐰 Python lib for remo - the app for annotations and images management in Computer Vision.
annotation object-detection image-classification remo
Labelai is an online tool designed to label images, useful for training AI models.
annotation object-detection image-classification computer-vision
Radically efficient machine teaching. An annotation tool powered by active learning.
annotation active-learning semi-supervised-learning video
Audio Class
Web-based tool for straight-forward class annotation of audio files.
audio annotation flask library
LabelDetection: simplifying the use and construction of deep dete
LabelDetection is a graphical tool that aims to facilitate all the steps required in the pipeline to construct and use a deep-learning base object ...
object-detection annotation notebook computer-vision
🔉 A web app to play, visualize, and annotate your audio files for machine learning.
annotation audio-tagging audio audio-visualizer
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