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Deploy Machine Learning Models with Django
This web service makes Machine Learning models available with REST API. It is different from most of the tutorials available on the internet.
django machine-learning api tutorial
Summarize a webapge
A Flask application that extracts and summarizes webpage using Natural Language Processing. Powered by nlp-akash.
text-summarization natural-language-processing api tutorial
Coronavirus Tracker API
🦠 A simple and fast (< 200ms) API for tracking the global coronavirus (COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2) outbreak. It's written in python using the 🍼 Flask framework.
covid-19 api dataset flask
Geocoding in Python Using Google Maps API
The article will focus on geocoding in Python which is getting coordinates for an address or any place around the world and calculating distances between ...
geography api python article
Fahr: a POC CLI for building machine learning models on the cloud
Fahr is a command-line tool for building machine learning models on cloud hardware with as little overhead as possible.
aws training kaggle api
GRAPE is a regression API in Python environment
regression api python code
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